Why fungicides matter to us

Leave a crop untreated, and you’ll see losses straight away. A global study showed that if farmers stopped using fungicides they’d need around ten per cent more land to achieve the same yields of wheat, rye, barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet and potatoes. But where’s that land going to come from? All over the world, land is getting scarce. Farmers can’t just buy up a few extra acres to make up for lost yields. In today’s world, there’s no getting round it: most farmers need fungicides.
Why fungicides matter to us
Trade Name Common Name Rate/ha Pest Controlled

Agromenol 250EC

(Triadimenol 250g/L) 0.4-1Lt Is systemic with protective, curative & eradicative action for the control of powdery mildew (sphaerothica pannosa) , rust (uromyces dianthi), black spots and botrytis.>>more

Meronil 720 EC

(Chlotothalonil 720g/L) 1.5-3.5Lt Preventive action against early and late blight, leaf rust, down mildew, purple blotch and Coffee Belly Diseases (CBD).>>more

Sipron Star 330 EC

(Propiconazole 250g/L + Cyproconazole 80g/L) 0.5Lt it control all wheat and Barley diseases such as Rust diseases, net blotch& Rhynchosporium,  scald, powedery mildew, Septoria tritici blotch, and yellow spot in wheat and barley.>>more

Agrozeb 80WP

(Mancozeb) 1.5Kg Seed decay, damping off and other external seed borne diseases.>>more
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