Why Insecticides Matter to Us.

More and more people, less and less land. How we are all going to eat in years to come? Faced with that kind of pressure, our Seeds specialists are racing against the clock to unlock the secrets behind nature’s healthiest plants. To find the answers the planet needs, they’re pooling all the resources they have: traditional and smart breeding techniques, genetic analysis and targeted trait development.
Trade Name Characteristics Rate Benefit to the farmers

Agromethrin 10 EC

(Alphacypermethrin 10g/L)


Contact & stomach poison, broad spectrum insecticide for control of lepidoptera, leaf eating caterpillars, bollworms, beetles & their larvae, sucking insects, such as aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leaf hoppers, & other virus vectors.>>more

Protrin 60 EC

(Chloropyrifos 500gm/L + Cypermethrin 100g/L 0.4-0.8Lt

Broad spectrum insecticide, it controls

Bollworms, Aphids, jassids, leafworms, stainers, army worms, thrips,  whiteflies, Bettles, Carterpillars, Fruits bores and leaf eatings.>>more

Agromectin 1.8 EC

(Abamectin 18G/L)


Is a broad spectrum miticide/insecticide for control of red and spotted spidermites at all motile stage, leaf miners.>>more

Agrofecron  720 EC

(Profenofos 720g/L) 0.5Lt It controls Vector complex i.e Chewing, sucking and biting pests such as scales, Leucoptera, Lepidoptera, antestia bugs, leaf miner, mealybugs, (leaf skeletonizer in coffee), Coffee berry bores.>>more

Metakan Super 350 SE

(Imidachloprid 200g/L + Cypermethrin 150g/L) 0.25-0.3Lt

Broad spectrum insecticide, it controls

Bollworms, Aphids,jassids, leafworms, stainers, army worms, thrips, whiteflies, leafminers, Bettles, Leaf eatings, Fruits bores and sucking pests.>>more
Agrothrin 5 EC (Lambdacyhalothrin 50g/l) 0.3– 0.4Lt Is characterized by repellent properties and a very broad spectrum of activity for controlling chewing & sucking insects such as aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leaf hoppers & other virus and bacteria vectors.>>more
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