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Meru also imports alot of agro-material that could help you transform the way you view your farms and your products.Withe our brands we are sure that can work make miracle that every farmer has always been praying for for quite a low price.
Trade Name Characteristics Rate Benefit to the farmers



Mkombozi 30.2 SL

Maleic Hydrazide 30.2 % Mix 1Lt of Mkombozi 30.2 SL in 60 Lt of water or 160ml in 10Lt of water

The only available systemic product to  control suckers in tobacco.>>more

Bamex  305 EC

Flumetralin 12.5% + Butralin 18%

Mix 1lt of Bamex 305 EC in 120 Lt of water

Control suckers in tobacco.>>more

Stoper 330 EC

Pendimethalin 33% Mix 150ml of Stopper 330 EC  in 10 Lt of water. Control  Suckers in tobacco. >>more
Seed Dresser      

Seed Care 30 WS

(Imidachloprid 10% + Metalaxyl 10 % + Carbendazim 10 %)

2.5-5 Kg

Helminthosporium, maydis, Sphacelotheca reiliana, Pythium spp, Rhizoctonia spp, Fusarium spp, Pythium spp, Rhizoctonia Alternaria spp, Diaporthe (Phomopsis) spp , aphids, white flies, leafhoppers, wireworm. >>more

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